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Tony's Guitars houses a state of the art recording studio located in the heart of Wilmington NC. Engineer Tommy Brothers will be happy to help you achieve that professional sound. We use only high quality recording gear, and our Avid Pro Tools HD digital recording system is industry standard.


Midas M32 Digital Mixer

Microphone preamps:
Brent avrill 312
Shadow hills mic pre
2 API 512
2 Neve 1053
2 Focusrite Red 6
Sebatron vmp-4000
Focusrite 428 ISA

Outboard Compressors:
2 La3a
Empirial Labs Distressor
2 DBX 160
1 DBX 160x with Jensen Transformer

Outboard Effects:
Lexicon PCM 92

Protools HD 2
2 Avid 192 interfaces
Protools ver. 9.07 HD and ver. 11

Waves Diamond Bundle
Autotune Evo
Universal Audio plugins
Drumagog 5
Addictive Drums
Addictive Keys
Lexicon plugins

Neumann U-87
Stereo Pair AKG 414
Stereo Pair AKG 512
2 Audio Technica 4047
2 Shure KSM 80
Yamaha Subkick
8 Shure SM57
4 Shure 81
AKG D112
Shure Beta 87
Seinheiser 906

Hiwatt 100 Head
Marshall JCM 800 2203
Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 Watt
Budda SuperDrive 80
Quidley hand wired amp
Diesel Einstein
Dr. Z Maz 80 Combo
1964 Fender Combo
Marshall 4×12 cabs vintage 30 and Greenback speakers
Vintage Hiwatt 4x12 Cab

Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop
Eric Johnson Stratocaster
American Telecaster
Taylor Acoustic
1972 Fender Precision Bass
Music Man 5 string Stingray bass
Yamaha Birch Drums
Roland Fantom

Studio Engineer
Tommy Brothers

Tommy Brothers

Tommy Brothers grew up in the music business. His father Ronnie Brothers owned and operated the group Sidewinder from Raleigh North Carolina. At the age of 11, Tommy was introduced to the art of recording music and received his first guitar. With his father's assistance, Tommy recorded his first album in 1993 with the Wilmington, NC, band Greenhouse. Greenhouse toured the Southeast in the mid 1990s. In 1999 he and his partner opened Audio Genesis recording studio in Wilmington NC. Some of Audio Genesis's more notable clients were Andre' 3000 (OutKast,) Macy Grey, Tom and Mike Gossin (Gloriana), Tyler Hilton, Weedeater, ASG, Angie Aparo, Craig Woolard Band, Mark Roberts Band, Medusa Stone, Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek), and Bethanny Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill). Audio Genesis closed in 2013 after many successful years. In late 2014 Tommy and Tony Brannock decided to turn Tony's Guitars into a professional recording facility.

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5030 Wrightsville Ave.
Wilmington, NC 28403